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The World Art Championship Global Open Art (“GOA”) 2018 Championship is organized by the New Liberal Arts Foundation (“NLA”), the charitable 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that supports and operates GLOARTY and the other free art and education projects worldwide.

GLOARTY Museum of Children Art is the online global charitable educational platform bringing children and teachers, schools and studios, museums and art galleries, collectors and art lovers, theaters and libraries, government agencies and businesses, charitable foundations and volunteers, parents and those who understand and respect quality education together. With your participating we aim to be international place where diverse educational, artistic, traditional, social and cultural positions are welcome. We strongly believe that together, we can make a meaningful impact and support “new generation” art and education worldwide in our time and preserve it for next generations.

GOA seeks to highlight the beauty and creativity of children all over the world, regardless of their surroundings and whether that child may or may not be poor, a refugee or even an orphan. GOA highlights the potential of all and each of these children.

We give children HOPE through ART!

The mission of New Liberal Arts Foundation 501(c)(3) is to support a decent standard of intellectual, social, cultural and artistic development for children under 18.

Support GOA 2018 and children participating

Without your help Children worldwide could not know about such an unique opportunity to demonstrate their artistic talents and represent own countries . Please support artistic children and their participation at GOA 2018.


New Liberal Arts Foundation Group including:

Olga Mark Landsberg

Founder & CEO

35+years of international business experience. Quinn of Start ups. Mother of successful children. She strongly believes that every child has equal right for quality education. Lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Julie Anoshechkina

Strategy Director

Information Technology and Services. Harvard University. Lives in Washington, DC, USA

Ksenia Tikhomirova

Tech Director

Developer end-to-end IT solutions. Higher School of Economics. Lives in St-Petersburg, Russia

Tima Anoshechkin

Financial Advisor

CEO and Founder of ALTA VR. Over 15 years in Game Production. Lives in Sydney, Australia

Vladimir Oleynikov-Reed

Chief Fundraising Officer

Professional teacher in Math and Computer Science. Many years of experience working for sponsors and charitable organizations globally. Focusing on children intellectual and creative brain development. London - Silicon Valley - Los Angeles - Washington, DC

Anna Feinstein

Chief Artistic Officer

Professional artist. Studied economics and library business. Mother of 3 successful children. Lives in San Diego

Maria Struve

Chief Music SoulTone Officer

Graduated Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Professional condactor. Expert and voice trainer # 1 globally. Has more then 8000 students in Europe, Asia, Middle East, North and South America. More than 240 vocal educators have been personally trained. Lives in Hamburg-Munich-Moscow-Tampa-Sydney-Los Angeles-New York

Asare Yamoah

SLOVONOVA Chief Officer

Managing Director at Adaex Educational Publications. Father of successful children. Deeply dedicating to help low income and disabled children to have access to high quality education. Lives in Accra.

Kimberlee Davis

School of Success Officer

Professional educator. Focused to help children facing domestic violence. Has vast professional experience from Baltimore to Alaska. Currently lives in Unalaska, Aleutian Islands.

Irina Puchkova

Art Lifting Officer for disabled kids globally

Highly educated successful business woman, dedicating all her knowledge and success to create education facilities for disabled children and work facilities for disabled adults. Lives in Moscow, Russia

Noora Alhadithi

Art and Education Department

Noora Alhadithi, Iragi-American. Studies Biochemistry at UC San Diego. Blood Donor. Supporting equal rights for children education globally. Wast experience in different countries. Iraq-Jordan-New Jersey-Virginia-California.Speaks Arabic, Spanish, English, Turkish.

Tran Tien Dai

Vietnamese territories Representative

Graduated from Le Quy Don High school for intellectually gifted children, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. Focusing on psychology and human development. But studies architecture and city development at university. Strongly believes that personal talents is the result of hard working in areas of interests. Willing to help Vietnamese middle and high school students to be brave enough to pursue their own (not parents) dreams and passions.

Polina Kamneva

Art and Education Department

World Economy and Politics. Higher School of Economics. Specializing in the Far East and the Pacific Rim. Concentrating in public humanitarian activities, global issues such as global security, international education and problems with social inequality. Lives in Moscow, Russia. Speaks English, Russian and Chinese.

Amir Galyautdinov

Art and Education Department

Foreign Affairs in the Middle East. Moscow State Institute of Foreign AffairsInternational Relations. Specializing in diplomacy and policy of the countries of the Middle East. Concentrating in political processes in the Arab states, the history of the international relations and international disarmament. Lives in Moscow, Russia. Speaks English, Russian and Arabic.

Lidija Podgajni

Representative in Spain and Serbia

Professional Artist, Art Teacher & Educator. Graduated University of Fine and Aplide Arts in Belgrade, Superior Schooll of Art Educators. During last 25 years Leading and Teaching new Generacions of Artist and Art Teachers in the Escuela de Pintura y Artes PLasticas Punto Aureo, Espana. Lives in Spain. Speaking Serbian, Spanish and English.

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